Art students New York bound

Gabe Montesanti Staff Writer

Jasmine An performs an original poem at the fall Frelon show.

After years of practice perfecting poetry, writing sports articles, and performing music, five Kalamazoo College students were announced as finalists for the New York Arts Program last Friday, Oct. 19.

Instead of enrolling in winter classes, Jasmine An ’15, Kate Belew ’15, Daniel Herrick ’14, Bret Linvill ’15 and Cameron Schneberger ’15 will travel to New York City. There, they hope to experience various internships and immerse themselves in life outside of K.

The five finalists have vastly different talents in the arts, but New York Arts Facility Liaison Andrew Koehler said the selection committee looked for candidates with the strongest ideas for pursuing the arts.

“We were interested to see someone whose actions supported that passion for their arts, both in the quality of the work samples they gave us and also having been deeply involved in the art here at K,” Kohler said.

The New York Arts Program has been offered as a domestic study away option for K sophomores and juniors for decades. This year, Daniel Herrick is the only junior, but the selection process is not age discriminatory.

“We’re really just looking to send the students who seem like the best fit for the program and the most ready to take advantage of a quarter in New York,” Kohler said.

Herrick will focus on sports writing in New York. All five finalists will take separate trips to New York City in December to interview for internships, but Herrick says his excitement outweighs his nerves.

“I think the experience of living in New York City and working there really provides a difference from the normal K College atmosphere,” Herrick said.

Kate Belew said she hopes New York will give her more experience in writing poetry, a creative outlet that she says began many years ago.

“I’m from a really small town in Michigan, so hopefully this is just the next step. I’ve been writing here in Michigan my whole life, and it’ll be nice to have a new influence on my writing,” Kate Belew ’15 said.

Kohler said the differences between life at Kalamazoo College and in New York City are fundamental to the program.

“Certainly some of our alumni have considered the New York Arts program one of the most important moments of their artistic lives,” Kohler said. “Every student who goes to New York has a chance to have that kind of truly transformative experience.”

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