Jason Mattera: A Scathing Review

By Milo Madole, Contributor

Okay Kalamazoo College, let me admit something. I am not satisfied with the past four years. As a high school senior I started a “Students for Barack Obama” chapter. In 2008, I jumped around the quad, celebrating change. After the next presidential election, I will probably stay home and watch television. My vote will be as much against Perry or Romney as it is for the incumbent.

The point of this article, however, is not political. It is personal. I inform the reader of my views not to start a political debate, but rather to state that I am not an “Obama Zombie,” incapable of seeing the flaws of his presidency.  I am not stupid or mindless, and I do not appreciate being told I have no opinion by idiots like Jason Mattera.

Jason Mattera is a bigot and that might be the nicest thing I can say about him. In a short but vitriolic speech on Wednesday night, Mattera directly affronted almost every minority group in the room. In rapid succession, blacks, Hispanics, and the LGBT community were targeted with comments intended to be funny. Worst of all, Mattera told two men to “take out their tampons.” Insulting women in this manner is neither comical nor political. It is disgusting.

By bringing Mattera to campus, the Kalamazoo College Republicans completely undermined themselves as a legitimate organization. At this point, I would be more likely to take a clown club seriously. This is not, however, clown college. And no one is laughing.

4 thoughts on “Jason Mattera: A Scathing Review

  1. How funny that it’s Ok for the likes of Bill Maher and his own clowns to talk of well, basically anything requiring any semblance of accountability in the world in the most bigoted, vile and disgusting terms imaginable. For years. As do most of the Hollywood left. And that is perfectly acceptable.

    Such double standards.

    How cute that you have a Kelsey Grammer ad in this article:)

    Thanks for your opinion. I really hope that all of the vitriolic rhetoric on both sides would give way to real discussion and action. The enemy is not our fellow Americans…

    1. Jimbo,
      As the author of the article, I carefully chose to leave political affiliation out. There was nothing political to discuss, as the entirety of Mattera’s speech focused on insulting people – not discussing political ideology.

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