Conservative Author and Speaker Jason Mattera Ingnites Heated Debate

By Matthew Munoz and Rachel Leider,Staff Writers

Sophomore Hagop Mouradian, above, protested Mattera's position sans zombie makeup

“Did you get your panties in a wad? Take out your tampon,” said Jason Mattera, author of New York Times Best-Selling Obama Zombies in response to a student following a speech sponsored by the Kalamazoo College Republicans last Wednesday evening in the Olmsted Room.

Rhetoric turned heated in response to controversial comments made by Mattera in a question-and-answer period following his speech in which he promoted his book. The short presentation before a crowd composed predominately of Democratic protestors, 4 College Republicans, and 3 members of the community addressed his belief that “Barack Obama was just that cool choice” for many members of his generation.

Tension arose following outrage by students questioning potentially racially-linked comments made by Mattera in his speech.

Western Michigan University student John Curran noted Mattera’s reference to President Obama as ‘the brother in the White house,’ along with many others who questioned the tone of his presentation.

“I was distressed that this was the right-wing voice that the College Republicans chose to bring to campus and I think it was highly offensive,” said Alex Werder K’15. “It was not a positive contribution to the campus community; perhaps even detrimental.”

The crowd dwindled as many protesters, who dressed up as zombies, left the room as a result of Mattera’s responses to the crowd’s often-heated questions. “There are tissues in the back,” said Mattera to one woman who stormed out of the room following his response to her question.

“It’s unfortunate that a lot of these students left,” said a community member who only wished to be referred to as Robert. “It is unfortunate that the people I wanted to hear questions from left.”

Aware of the effects of Mattera’s comments, the College Republicans sent an email to College Democrats on Thurday apologizing for, what they called, Mattera’s “crude and inappropriate language.” They maintained that the purpose of the speech was to bring a contrasting viewpoint to campus, which they felt leans liberal.

“There are a lot of people here who are just indifferent or on the opposite side,” said College Republican President Spencer Thompson K’14. “We are trying to challenge those viewpoints.”

The event was held in the Olmsted room, and was heavily attended by members of the Kalamazoo College Democrats

11 thoughts on “Conservative Author and Speaker Jason Mattera Ingnites Heated Debate

  1. so in other words these spoiled arogant kids are not capable of listening to any opinion that differs from theirs – they run away crying & whining –

  2. Jason is completely out of line, but this is par for the course with him. He has become increasingly vitriolic, rude, and vulgar. And I’m a hardcore, diehard Conservative. He didn’t use to be as bad as this, but has grown more and more arrogant as he has gained more and more attention. Telling a student to “remove your tampon” is profoundly filthy and vulgar. (I wonder if Jason would say this in front of his mother) It’s sad that Jason and other self-aggrandizing, loudmouth Republicans who think they’re adorable when they’re rude can’t see how much harm their egos are doing to our movement. I sincerely hope and pray that an older and wiser person will care enough about Jason to sit him down for a very serious talk about his attitude and perspective.

    1. Thank you. I believe this is the exact point this article is trying to make. Doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum, if you detest his ideals or agree with them 100%, he was rude and inappropriate.

    2. Disagree – it’s time we had someone sticking it back to the Lefties in their own language. They’ve been doing it ever since Obama said: “We bring a gun to a knife fight”. He gave them carte blanche to be abusive, and they have been, non-stop. It’s time someone stuck it back to them.

  3. You would think a college audience could take this. Wow, American men have become totally p-whipped.

    So the “tone” was bad? Really scary. Why can’t the author talk about any ideas that were presented? Perhaps they wouldn’t “INGNITE” as much controversy. (spellcheck please)

    I love the Obama zombies– they admittedly can’t think without brains!

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  5. Way to go Mattera!

    All I got about this article is none of the substance of the invited speaker’s topic.

    However, it seems pretty clear that a lot of liberals came out to protest and jeer (aka “often heated questions”). As far as the “racially-linked comments” – Obama has done FAR MORE in that respect, and he’s the POTUS who should be setting a better example and whose impact is far greater for not having done so.

    Pretty shoddy “journalism” – Munoz and Leider.

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