Twitter Town Hall

Content curated by Annie Belle

Obama and Zuckerberg | Photo by Philip Scott Andrews/The New York Times

Well, today’s the day of Obama’s Twitter Town Hall Meeting. You can participate by tweeting @townhall or including the hashtag #AskObama. This is the first presidential town hall meeting on Twitter. Read more here.

Pyeongchang to host 2018 Winter Olympics after unsuccessfully bidding for both 2010 and 2014. Seoul has previously hosted the Olympics. Read more here.

15 Anonymous members in Switzerland and Italy arrested by authorities. Read more here.

Ohio’s teachers unions face impending Wisconsin-y (author’s word, not mine) anti-collective bargaining law. Read more here.

Manufacturing slows down in China; workers anxious about the future. Read more here.

FDIC decrees it’s okay to reclaim two years’ salary of faltering execs. Read more here.

More demonstrations in Hama, Syria. Read more here.

Tech startup LocalUp plans food delivery services in smaller cities, including Ann Arbor; could this expand to include Kalamazoo? Read more here.

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