Obama Makes Historic Speech Before Parliament

Content curated by Jennifer Wendel

Photo | Toronto Press

Pink or blue; it’s the first questions people ask about newborns. Is there a way to change this? One couple thinks so. Storm, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker’s newest addition to the family, will be raised “genderless.” This is an issue that has become popular after a J Crew company executive was pictured in an ad painting her son’s nails his favorite color: pink. Read Time’s coverage of Storm here. And read about the J Crew exec here

Today Obama became the first U.S. president to make a speech before the British Parliament. In it he put responsibility for the worldwide economic crises on their beginnings on Wall street, and laid out the U.S.’s world interests in fighting terrorism and promoting freedom. Watch it above and read an Al Jazeera article on it here 

The trial for Jared Lee Loughner, the Tucson shooter, was postponed until September after he was found incompetent in the courtroom. Loughner had a number of outbursts in front of the judge, and was found to be mentally unstable. He will not be able to stand trial until he is found to be in a healthy state of mind, and he will be checked again before the September date to see if another delay is in the future. Read the article here 

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