Results are in: Meatless Mondays are out

By Jennifer Wendel
Staff Writer

Kalamazoo College students have become divided over, of all things, meat. Two weeks ago, the dining hall debuted its trial run of Meatless Mondays along with a survey to record students’ reactions about this future menu change.  Due to the results, Monday night dinners will, for now, return to normal.

“We’re not ready to do Meatless Mondays every Monday,” said Susan Matheson, general manager of dining at K. Out of the 364 students who filled out surveys after the trial run, 122 reported that they were “opposed to Meatless Mondays,” 239 reported they were not opposed and 3 were undecided.

“This is a very touchy subject with the student body, so I’m not forcing it upon anyone,” said Matheson. Though a majority of students were not opposed to continuing Meatless Mondays, both Matheson and the administration decided not to implement the program until there is stronger student support.

For the rest of the quarter, there may be only one or two meatless meals in the dining hall. Even if a large number of students oppose the idea, said Matheson, “there’s enough people out there that are interested in this.”

The next meatless dinner is planned for May 16, and students will again be offered surveys to measure reactions.

Ultimately, it is K students’ choice. “We are listening,” said Matheson. Current student opinions are too divided to take a clear side, so the dining hall will continue work with students until a final decision has been made.

2 thoughts on “Results are in: Meatless Mondays are out

  1. I don’t understand the logic… >50% of students voted in favor, but we still can’t do it? If this administration is going to hold a poll like this, but then disregard the results, why do it? All this shows that if some students complain loudly enough, their opinions will overshadow the majority. Stick to your guns!!

  2. I believe the logic on this issue was clearly laid out by Ms. Matheson. There was not enough student support to continue Meatless Monday. On such policies that clearly affect the lifestyle of everyone on campus there has to be overwhelming evidence that it is in favor as to not adversely affect those that are not in favor. Also it is worth pointing out that the survey after the trial of Meatless Monday was not fairly conducted, as it only polled those that were leaving the caf that day. It is fair to say anybody that knew the caf would only be vegetarian that day that was strongly opposed would not have ate there that Monday. Thus it should behoove nobody that there more individuals were recorded as being in favor than not.

    In a response to my article on Meatless Monday the president of EnvOrg said something along the lines of, “Just because you do not get your way doesn’t make a process undemocratic”. I strongly encourage those that did not get the result they were hoping for to consider their own advice.

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